Save Your Money and Kill Designers

Throughout my 7 year career as a graphic designer, I had heard countless of complaints from other graphic designers on how self-righteous their customers were. The reason why those customers pissed us off was that the customers thought that they knew how to design. So what’s the reason that those people think they can be designers?

There are many DIY design programs and design templates on the Internet, and it’s super easy to google them and then use them without a long process of learning. That makes it very easy for people to make some interesting and creative designs. As a result, many graphic designers have lost competitiveness, or, some of them have to accept a lower paying job. And now, I’ve seen some similar software that people can easily use them to do interior design. And now, I’ve seen some similar software that people can easily use them to do interior design. That makes me so frustrating because I feel like I just jumped into a circle that I just got out of.

It is undeniable that some of the graphic design software offers many benefits. It simplifies many design steps which are from the draft design to the finalized, and it may only takes about a couple of days. Or even can basically skip the draft stage. For some small entrepreneurs, those software help them save a lot of money. They don’t have to pay designers to do weekly, monthly, and annual advertising for them now. And they can buy pre-designed logos for websites. Other than that, there are many of free websites that provide templates for people to make their own websites. Those entrepreneurs just need to collect their information and pictures, and then select a template that fit their company missions or goals and then upload. They will have their own websites in a jiffy. The effect may be even better than hiring a web designer, and even save a lot of money.

This is a website that you can create your own logo. You can pay less money for that, and have a nice logo here.

And this website provides tones of templates of graphic design.

Here you can create you professional website.

Ikea helps you to kill interior designers.

Here, try another way to kill us.

And I also found an interesting App. You can use your iPad or iPhone to capture floor plans.

Ok, now, I’m not telling you to quit design career as earlier as you can, and I’m not telling you that I’m gonna quit either. I just hope that I can continue to be motivated and learn as much as I can. And I hope you guys will join me to find a way to fight against those people who think that they can DIY with their graphic, websites, and interior designs.